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DatumDate Changelog InformationText Gamemaster
2018-06-23 11:48:06 - added new atcommand @guildbank / @gbank for deposit/withdraw zeny from guild bank account. Christian [GM]
2018-06-22 07:20:46 - added new costume's headgears to the cashshop (@cashshop) Exi [GM]
2018-06-17 10:35:33 - added new atcommand '@identifyall' to identify all of your items in inventory. Requires 50 z / item & relog. Christian [GM]
2018-06-11 21:09:10 - new service on Quest Master NPC "Look for paid access quests" - allows you to buy an access to dungeons / maps where you have to do a access quest for some zeny. Christian [GM]
2018-06-07 13:30:25 - added Enriched Elunium-& Oridecon to the drops of Scaraba Dungeon lv2 Exi [GM]
2018-06-05 19:15:55 - added Material Dealer to Aldebaran Exi [GM]
2018-06-05 19:14:52 - added 10 armor's to the Apprentice Craftsman Exi [GM]
2018-06-05 19:13:11 - added Scaraba Hole Dungeon with custom drops Exi [GM]
2018-05-30 00:15:34 - added 4 MvP's to the Abracadabra Skill 'Class Change': Leak, Boitata, Amdarias and Kraken Exi [GM]
2018-05-29 10:29:57 Bugfixes:
- added req lv for beginner's equipment [1-70]
- added 5 minutes delay to Ruki @ db arena
Christian [GM]
2018-05-26 10:18:56 - added suffix for @buff (e.g. @buff 10 > buff for 10 minutes) Christian [GM]
2018-05-22 07:18:28 - added rentals for Loyality Shop items to Coin Exchanger
- Sign Quest: NPC timer-info has been fixed
- Battleground's mode changer requires now at least 4 votes (based on players in queue)
Christian [GM]
2018-05-20 12:49:29 - added '#ally' to channel list. PM to #ally to enter your ally-chat Christian [GM]
2018-05-08 22:20:21 - added Battleground's Selector to Battlegrounds
- added Peco Rent Service to Kafra Employee
Christian [GM]
2018-05-05 12:20:48 - added custom dungeon 'Holy Garden' Exi [GM]
2018-05-05 10:47:10 - Find the correct Poring Event will now spawn 3 Poring instad of 1
    Reward: 1st Poring: 3 LC, 2nd Poring 2 LC, 3rd Poring 1 LC
Christian [GM]
2018-05-04 03:25:00 - added new BG/WoE items to badges shop
- added Battleground Community Boost to Server Support NPC
- removed Zeny Community Boost

Custom Content Dewata, Brasilis & Byalan Lv 6
- added Dewata Grounds with custom drops
- added Izlude's Byalan Dungeon lv 6 with custom drops
- added Brasilis Dungeon with custom drops. Use @mi Boitata

Use @mi or forums for further information
Exi [GM]
2018-05-03 06:38:18 - added a fee of 500z to atcommands @storage and @go
- you'll now need zeny to rebirth on Job Master Ren
- increased the hugel race medals x10
- added warp to Ei'felle on Wayne
- disabled coins from mobs without exp (slaves)
Christian [GM]
2018-04-30 12:01:06 - added new rule (no third party tools, § 1.7)
- added new GM event 'Most Damage Event'
Christian [GM]
2018-04-26 13:44:40 - server has been restarted in the morning
- fixed usage of Buying Shop Licenses
- added damage log (used for checks and planned events)
- added voucher system for newsletters to Event Manager
- started two new polls on Server Poll Manager
Christian [GM]
2018-04-24 14:37:55 - disabled 5 minute delay on coin drops
- added waiting room info to Coin Exchanger
Christian [GM]
2018-04-17 21:43:14 - added Card Remove Service to Trading Card Girl (@gotonpc)
- increased the bronze, silver and gold coin drop from 1% to 5%
Christian [GM]
2018-04-16 12:57:06 - added rented Beginner's Equipment to Novice Manager Sylvie
- disabled Lv 99 Mail Loyality Coins
Christian [GM]
2018-04-15 11:08:18 - added 7 new items to the Loyality Coin Shop Exi [GM]
2018-04-09 10:48:58 - added new NPC 'Plagiarism Expert' at '@go payon'. You can use him to Plagiarism some Skills.
- added new Atcommand '@checkcooking' for checking your cooking experiences.
Christian [GM]
2018-04-06 07:54:14 - added 'MvP Card List' to website (Rankings > MvP Card Drop)
- you can now give Cashpoints to Stylist to avoid doing the quest
Christian [GM]
2018-04-04 10:21:30 - enabled autoequip arrows/bullets on @restock
- after rent a db arena all monsters will be killed
- monster kill menu added to dead branch arena npc
- added quick warp menu to dead branch arena npc
Christian [GM]
2018-04-01 14:57:28 - added new mixing quest item 'Snake Head Hat [1]' to Quest Master
- Quest Master is now able to warp you to mixing quest NPC location
- Ruki (outside or Prontera) now nees 240.000 zeny to heal for 24 hours

- enabled @restock atcommand
Usage: @restock2 for help
Christian [GM]
2018-03-30 20:34:18 Eastern Event enabled (works until end of 15/04/2018):
- drop rate increased to 50x
- exp rate increased to 50x
- Loyality Coin Shop prices reduced to 80%

Happy Eastern!

Christian [GM]
2018-03-29 13:37:50 - activated Battleground (hBG Plugin) with 7 bg modes.
   > Capture the Flag (BG Badges)
   > Eye of Storm (BG Badges)
   > Team Deathmatch (BG Badges) (49 kills)
   > Conquest (WoE Badges)
   > Sone Control (BG Badges)
   > Domination (BG Badges)
   > Rush (WoE Badges)

- enabled @joinbg for re-join after start. 5 minute rotation of bg modes.
- added Loyality Coin Shop to @gotonpc
Christian [GM]
2018-03-28 07:43:10 - changed @pvp > @joinpvp
- disabled standard pvp rooms
- bugfix (servercrash) on using Buyingstore Shop License
Christian [GM]
2018-03-27 15:04:48 - added 'Emperium Test Room' to Castle Manager (check your damage)
Christian [GM]
2018-03-25 14:25:11 - votedelay for @buff,@sell and @buy extended to 24 hours
- added 1x WoE Badge for 2 BG Badges to Battleground Shop
Christian [GM]
2018-03-24 22:30:26 We have enabled standard Flavius Battleground. Disabled guardians and lowered HP of crystals. Within the next weeks we will correct the hBG plugin. Please wait for further information. Christian [GM]
2018-03-24 10:14:09 - added new Atcommand '@gstorage'
- added new Atcommand '@gotonpc'

This command allows you to get warped directly to our custom npcs if you want.
Christian [GM]
2018-03-21 06:55:04 - added new Atcommand '@pvp'
- added new Atcommand '@gvg'
Christian [GM]
2018-03-17 22:29:20 - duplicated Ruki (Healer) to all cities
- removed Ruki's Helper
- fixed Poring War
Christian [GM]
2018-03-15 01:22:32 New Cashmount Item on Cashshop available

Cost: 1 Cashpoint
Rental: 14 days
WoE/BG: disabled
Effect: increase walking speed
Penality: can't attack mobs

[Support now]
- no cart
- no storage
- no mail
- no vending
- no trade
- no auction
Christian [GM]
2018-03-10 12:27:20 Disabled Battleground because of some big server errors and crashes. Please wait for further bits of information and a maintenance. We will work as hard as possible on hercules battleground's system Nightfire [GM]
2018-03-06 18:08:49 - enabled Dead Branch / Bloody Branch Arena (Hekate NPC in Prontera Center). You can join the FFA Arena or pay a fee of 100.000 Zeny per hour to rent your own map up to 24 hours. Christian [GM]
2018-03-04 19:49:36 - added new loyality coin shop items

Gigantic Majestic Goat [0] (ATK) - 200 LC
Gigantic Majestic Goat [0] (DEF) - 200 LC
Parade Hat [1] - 60 LC
Yellow Ribbon [0]  - 60 LC
Purple Cowboy Hat [1] - 50 LC
Blush of Groom [0] - 40 LC
Rideword Hat [1] - 30 LC
Gentleman's Pipe [0]  - 40 LC
Sigrun's Wings [0] - 50 LC
Chick Hat [0] - 50 LC
Emperor's Laurel Crown [0] - 40 LC
Striped Hat [1] - 40 LC
Bunny Slipper [1] - 20 LC
Angel Spirit [0] - 50 LC
Exi [GM]
2018-03-04 18:51:55 - added new community boost 'Double Coin Drop' for 5 cashpoints. Christian [GM]
2018-02-23 16:01:51 - enabled atcommand @buff (selfbuff after voted for epicRO for 5 minutes for 5k zeny with Assumptio / Impositio / Blessing / Inc Agi. - added vote-check to atcommands @buy and @sell - removed item bonus after base levels 10-98. Increased the bonus on lvl 99 (1.000.000 z and 10 Loyality Coins) Christian [GM]
2018-02-22 21:28:45 - disabled delays on Reset NPC
- added malus on Reset NPC (zeny = zeny * resets per day)
Christian [GM]
2018-02-17 19:51:22 - enabled atcommand @go (1-27)
- enabled atcommand @repair
- enabled Kafra City Warp for free
- enabled entrance buy service on dungeon warps
- added Blue/Yellow Gemstone and Yggdrasil Leaf to @buy
Christian [GM]
2018-02-10 19:40:38 Server Settings Change
- changed rates to 30x-50x
- added atcommand @autoloot
- added atcommand @storage
- added atcommand @sell
- set mobrate to 100%
- set respawn rate to 50% (2x faster)
- disabled Kafra Quest Requirement
Christian [GM]
2018-01-19 07:18:12 Battleground Changes
- old BG Badges (Valor, War, Bravery) has been merged
- new Badge 'War Of Emperium Badge' included
- merged the Shop NPCs and enabled some WoE useable items
- added some BG useable items
Christian [GM]
2018-01-15 19:55:04 Server Setting Change
- added Server's own Warp Service
  Cities + Dungeon Entrances [Quests needed]
- changed the monster spawn rate to 200%.
- added Cashshop Job Master
Christian [GM]
2018-01-09 22:45:06 Party Quest Change
- grouped monsters by name on custom settings (used avg exp)
Christian [GM]
2018-01-02 10:52:31 Minor changes (Serverrestart)
- disabled christmas decoration
- added Item IDs for planned WoE / BG Items (usage check)
- decreased Vote-based exp from x 0.05 to x 0.02
- added new atcommand @attackstyle
- added new atcommand @shrinkme (quest needed)
- monster chase cell-check reset to 3 (official)
- added missing battleground equipment to war badge exchanger (thx 2 Stoffi)
Christian [GM]
2017-12-29 01:26:11 Correction of some errors on own party quest system:
- required level check included (20 lvl range to max-mob)
- exp of mobs should be quite the same value (exp range check)
- if you've selected mob1 and mob2, you've to kill both mobs > 10 ea
Christian [GM]
2017-12-20 20:49:13 Included 'Community Boost System' for Cashpoints
(Drop Boost, Exp Boost, Zeny from Mobs)
[Read more]
Christian [GM]
2017-12-20 15:43:02 Added new menu 'Instances' to Quest Master's Party Quest selection (Warp for 1.000 zeny, some information)

Added chat window to Event Manager with information about running and done events.
Christian [GM]
2017-12-19 20:58:31 Battleground Changes:
- Battleground Shop splitted into 3 NPCs with Shop Interface
- enabled War Badge Shop für Consumable Items
- Team Deathmatch set score from 99 to 25
- Triple Inferno set skulls needed from 40 to 25
- Eye of Storm set required points from 99 to 50

Rewards percetage adjusted
Christian [GM]
2017-12-18 20:03:20 Enabled Battleground Modes:
- #5 - Team Deathmatch
- #6 - Bossnia
- #7 - Conquest
- #8 - Stone Control
- #9 - Domination
- #10 - Rush

- set min required players to 6 on all battlegrounds
- set mapflag 'nodrop' to every battleground map
- also 'nopenelity' - you will not lose any items/zeny/exp
- corrected multi-client check (max 2 Chars per person)
Christian [GM]
2017-12-17 19:01:06 Enabled usage of @auraset (currently disable/enable aura) Christian [GM]
2017-12-16 11:08:55 New Atcommands:
@market, @marketkill

Some changes and plans (Seal Quest, Custom Aura):
See full Changelog
Christian [GM]
2017-12-15 22:12:55 Atcmd @afk updated. Your upper headgear doesnt disapears. Christian [GM]
2017-12-13 20:13:51 Fixed wrong behave of traps during WoE/GvG. Fixed 2 equiped Elemental Sword behavior. Christian [GM]
2017-12-13 19:40:15 Added new Atcommand '@petinfo' for further information about pet. Christian [GM]
2017-12-13 00:36:35 Included new Custom Pet Generation System on Quest Master
  • quests to receive taming items
  • access to new custom pets
  • collect generation points to raise generation level
  • additionally planned new pets for generation two in 01/2018
  • Christian [GM]
    2017-12-11 13:06:52 Enables Winter-Mode and snow in some cities.
              Merry Christmas to everyone!
    Christian [GM]
    2017-12-11 13:03:21 Gamemaster's look changed. No lame gamemaster look anymore. Christian [GM]
    2017-12-11 12:04:14 Enabled Treasure Drops (Custom) on NPC Castle Manager. Once after WoE has been finished based on the time of defense. Every full 5 minutes you'll earn 2 aditional treasure boxes. Christian [GM]
    2017-12-11 12:03:28 Disabled GM-Hide-Kill of players or monsters. Sorry for trouble. Christian [GM]
    2017-12-09 13:59:05 Included auto-reset of Marionette Control Effect after basestatus up. Christian [GM]
    2017-12-07 13:07:13 Added Buying Shop Licenses to Loyaliy Coin Shop (1 LC) Christian [GM]
    2017-12-05 12:50:04 New Item on Loyality Coin Exchanger: Random Box, Cost: 1 LC. Christian [GM]
    2017-12-02 16:18:27 Enabled Advent Calendar in Prontera (Cute Christmas Cat) Christian [GM]
    2017-11-16 18:07:51 Enabled Access to WoE SE Dungeons to Rent Service of Castle Manager. Christian [GM]
    2017-11-15 22:11:46 Reset Girl Lili does not delete platinum skills from now on. Christian [GM]
    2017-11-11 10:20:24 View & Chasing Range of mobs increased (100% > 120%) Christian [GM]
    2017-11-09 15:56:47 Unplanned Servercrash (09.11.2017 - 08:02) - Relog your Vendings. Christian [GM]
    2017-11-05 00:20:19 Change Charslot and Stylereset in Control Panel on Page works now. Christian [GM]
    2017-11-02 22:46:15 Added Novice Manager NPC to New Grounds. Broadcaster of new players. Christian [GM]
    2017-11-02 00:32:07 Added 'Invite Link' / 'Werbelink' to Control Panel. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-31 13:47:33 Enabled Halloween Event (Board Info, Soul Spirit NPC) Christian [GM]
    2017-10-29 12:05:55 Added 'Own Setting' Option to Party Quests (Cost: 5 Loyality Coins). Christian [GM]
    2017-10-26 22:16:00 Added new NPC 'Trading Card Girl' to Prontrea Inn next to Tool Dealer. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-25 10:42:39 Enabled 'Own Map'-Option for 1 Loyality Coin on Partyquest System. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-22 21:12:59 Added 'Castle Manager' with rentable dungeon access (prontera, center) Christian [GM]
    2017-10-22 19:41:49 Single Quests (Quest Board) are now endless repeatable. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-09 19:04:16 Added new NPC 'Costumes Creator' (prt, center) who can copy headgears. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-09 16:14:35 Fixed 'Star Fish' Bite on Fishing Event. Delay 2 instead of 5 seconds. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-08 19:32:11 Added 'Make me Orphan / Baby' to Reset Girl Lili (1.000.000 z) Christian [GM]
    2017-10-07 00:07:11 Enabled 'Transfer Items + Cashpoints' to Atcommand '@cashshop'. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-06 05:40:28 New 'Hide Style' Items available on @cashshop. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-06 05:30:28 New 'Lower Headgears' Items available on @cashshop. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-04 11:44:42 Added new atcommand '@cashshop' for open and other information. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-03 13:38:54 Added input window for making Elunium and Oridecon. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-01 17:07:34 Atcommand `joinwoe` changed. Also available without running woe. Christian [GM]
    2017-10-01 09:18:47 Enabled floating exp rates based on votes. Check Server Support NPC. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-30 11:12:26 Added 87 items to mixing quest database at Quest Master NPC. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-27 14:30:17 2x drop rates corrected until 15.10.2017 (23:59). Enjoy your drop rate bonus. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-27 14:15:58 Pet Groomer in Yuno now sells Whole Barbecue for 20 zeny. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-27 12:27:28 Added new menu `mixing items` to quest master npc. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-24 18:50:47 Added new atcommand ´@joincastle´ for WoE Christian [GM]
    2017-09-18 20:52:46 Activated 2x Item Drop Effect on login until 01.10.2017 23:59. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-11 23:12:02 Enabled required level range (15+-) for quest master party quests. Christian [GM]
    2017-09-08 20:04:35 Added new Atcommand ´@dice´ especially usable for events. Christian [GM]
    2017-08-31 21:23:37 Fixed open WoE Castles. All castles are now up to the GM guild. Christian [GM]
    2017-08-10 16:00:48 Activated RoDex + Present on Login in Prontera added. Christian [GM]
    2017-08-09 08:19:45 RODEX Mail System is now Aktive Nightfire [GM]
    2017-07-27 23:43:50 Char transfer via Reset Girl Lili has been corrected / secured. Christian [GM]
    2017-07-27 22:51:03 On start of a new autostart event the previous event will be finished. Christian [GM]
    2017-07-03 09:50:40 Changlog for Today can be found in the Forum Nightfire [GM]
    2017-06-26 16:50:57 @stay atcommand added (Blocks Movement of the Char) Nightfire [GM]
    2017-06-18 19:32:02 Fixed wrong calculation on `receive exp on unfinished party quests` Christian [GM]
    2017-06-14 20:16:41 Changed the party quest EXP (quest board) to the calc exp = (mob count * mob exp / 3) Christian [GM]
    2017-06-10 22:06:26 Added `Thank you Loyality Coin` after vote on NPC `Server Support` Christian [GM]
    2017-06-10 22:06:02 Disabled `required votes` on party quest npc. Christian [GM]
    2017-06-09 12:59:24 Added `5 Gift Boxes for 1 Loyality Coin` as a bonus to Ruki´s Event Christian [GM]
    2017-06-09 12:48:16 Added new atcommands `guildstoragepw` and `gstoragepw` Christian [GM]
    2017-06-08 08:04:49 Fixed Several Problems with the BG System Nightfire [GM]
    2017-06-06 19:10:04 Fixed EXP/JEXP Calc on Party Quests (no limit on 21.474.836) Christian [GM]
    2017-06-05 14:35:21 New BG System Active use @joinbg or @leavebg Nightfire [GM]
    2017-06-05 12:45:50 Fixed wrong EXP (Malus) Calculation on Party Quests (Day-Counter) Christian [GM]
    2017-06-02 08:46:00 Enabled `Open Guild Storage` for 750 Zeny at every Kafra Employee. Christian [GM]
    2017-06-02 08:02:42 Party Quest Update > Announce all 5 mobs, warp on finish Christian [GM]
    2017-06-02 08:02:27 Single Quest Update > Announce all 5 mobs, warp on finish Christian [GM]
    2017-06-02 08:01:52 Enabled new Party Quest System (without SQL usage, no lags) Christian [GM]
    2017-05-26 00:44:47 Loyality Coin Shop Updated Nightfire [GM]
    2017-05-25 23:32:31 EXP Rates Increased to 5x/5x till Monday Nightfire [GM]
    2017-05-25 23:32:04 Party Quest back online Stala/High Orc/Hill Wind inactive Nightfire [GM]
    2017-05-19 14:54:39 Party Quests disabled in period 20.05. - 28.05. for lag-checks. Christian [GM]
    2017-05-15 08:32:11 Disabled Char-Transfer on Reset Girl Lili with Items in inventory. Christian [GM]
    2017-05-07 17:10:20 Enabled `dual client check` on battlegrounds. Only allowed up to 2 accounts in battlegrounds. Christian [GM]
    2017-05-05 18:09:07 Added new NPC `PvP Info Girl Khalitz` Prontera, 181,217 Christian [GM]
    2017-05-01 17:16:52 Added function `To the safe limit` on refiners. Christian [GM]
    2017-05-01 17:16:20 Added Marriage NPCs in Hugel Christian [GM]
    2017-05-01 11:52:06 Added `Char Transfer` to Reset Girl Lili Christian [GM]
    2017-05-01 11:51:53 Added `Elemental Reset` to Reset Girl Lili Christian [GM]
    2017-05-01 11:51:35 Added 'Hatred Reset' to Reset Girl Lili Christian [GM]
    2017-05-01 11:51:18 Added 'Feel Reset' to Reset Girl Lili Christian [GM]
    2017-04-30 19:35:28 Added 'Slotted Sunglasses Quest' - start is in Alberta (91, 192) Christian [GM]
    2017-04-30 19:24:10 Event Schedule new shuffled and added 'Twelve Warp Event' Christian [GM]
    2017-04-29 18:05:03 Added 'Classic Bank Transfer' to Financial Overview on Website. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-29 17:18:47 Gold, Silver, Bronze and Loyality Coins added to buyingstorelist. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-29 00:00:00 Party Quests disabled as long as vote counter is < 20 (Start at 2017-04-29) Christian [GM]
    2017-04-28 17:05:57 MVP Ranking on Website fixed. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-28 11:02:11 Added 'Next Events' to Event Board & Atcommand `@eventinfo` Christian [GM]
    2017-04-27 00:24:32 Added new atcommand @eventinfo Christian [GM]
    2017-04-26 23:34:43 Event Info Board updated (connected with website) Christian [GM]
    2017-04-26 21:35:29 Same Sex Marriage acivated. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-24 13:48:26 Autostart Events with Event Log enabled. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-24 13:47:04 Top 100 MVP Ranking enabled. Started at 24/04/2017 - 13:40 Christian [GM]
    2017-04-24 10:06:06 Event closed. Rates back to normal 3x 3x 3x. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-23 22:52:52 Added new Auto-Event called "Fishing Event" more Infos > Event Board. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-23 14:49:48 Client Freeze while Security-Check fixed. Thank you for report. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-20 21:38:50 Atcommand "@whosell" enabled. Try with "@whosell Pantie" Christian [GM]
    2017-04-20 21:08:02 Added Security-Check while login with new IP Range / Hardware ID Christian [GM]
    2017-04-19 20:31:25 Party Quests enabled again. Some fixes in SQL queries done. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-19 17:01:38 Party Quests currently disabled for lag check. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-17 16:23:23 Castle Owner deleted. WoE FE + SE deactivated. No drops / TBs found. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-16 00:07:15 Coin Drop Calculation fixed. A zero in calculation too much. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-14 09:47:58 Base Level zeny costs begin at Base level 30 instead 70. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-14 09:46:41 All Reset Girl Delays reduced to 24 hours instead of 7 days. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-13 21:01:09 Quest Master 24h Calculation fixed (used date instead of time) Christian [GM]
    2017-04-13 18:02:35 Additional menu "cancel without exp" added to party quest system. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-13 13:21:14 Added OnLogin rule confirmation for our new rules. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-11 20:29:54 Disabled Chat/Vending on specific cells in Prontera. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-11 20:10:27 Atcommand "autotrade" enabled in all towns. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-11 20:03:10 Reset Girl Lili now displays the detailed time for next reset. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-11 11:28:26 Coins for Vote > Drop Rate increased to min 1 % up to max 5 %. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-11 11:14:16 Party-Quest Reward now with counter and percentage exp loss / 24 hrs. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-11 10:15:50 Party-Quest Registration now with Mob-Counter-Announce Settings. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-10 20:58:21 Max dual client login set to 10. Autokick on login with 10++. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-10 08:55:52 Bronze Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins tradeable / sellable. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-08 21:45:26 Bonze / Silver and Gold Coin Drop enabled. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-08 20:10:01 Archimedes Event Bug with negative or zero solution fixed. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-06 22:44:32 EXP Rates increased to 4x 4x for 1 week as an event. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-05 11:57:08 Due to problems with style colors Stylist will need quest for service. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-02 12:22:54 Loyality Coin Shop offer extended (2 more Items) Christian [GM]
    2017-04-01 10:59:38 Reset Girl Lili now uses a 7 days delay on each feature. Christian [GM]
    2017-04-01 10:45:44 Reset Girl Lili has a new feature "Change Name" for 15k. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-31 11:18:39 Single Quest EXP of Son of God Ra reduced. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-31 08:39:20 Autotrade Timeout set from unlimited to 7 days. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-30 09:37:28 Some NPCs moved out of buildings and water places. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-30 09:37:00 Gamemaster Login Check enabled - Is in List? Is not alone as Trainnee? Christian [GM]
    2017-03-27 08:06:25 Like AddOn enabled on board ( Christian [GM]
    2017-03-27 07:30:28 Changelog System enabled. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-27 06:47:51 @autoloot 1 added to standard @settings. @settings reset. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-27 06:44:02 Single- and Party Quest warp disabled. Christian [GM]
    2017-03-26 14:15:17 Protection Gepard enabled. Nightfire [GM]
    0000-00-00 00:00:00 New 'Hide Style' Items available on @cashshop. Christian [GM]

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    Where to get these Coins?

    Woher bekomme ich die Coins?

    Es gibt verschiedene Wege an Loyality Coins für das Loyality Exchange Girl zu gelangen. Der einfachste Weg ist die Teilnahme an Events auf diesem Server. Bei jedem Event hast du die Chance auf einige Loyality Coins.

    Zeitgleich hat jeder, der nicht an Events teilnehmen möchte, die Chance mittels serverweitem Drop der Bronze, Silver und Gold Coins mittels jeweiligem 5:1 Umtausch an die Loyality Coins zu gelangen. Die Drop-Rate der Coins hängt von der Abhängigkeit der Votes für diesen Server auf diversen Voting-Seiten ab. Der Mindestdrop ist 1%, dieser kann mittels Votes der Spieler bis zu 5% pro Monster ansteigen.

    Derzeit wurde 19x für diesen Server innerhalb der letzten 24 Stunden abgestimmt - nutze auch die schnell die freie Zeit und unterstütze den Server mit einem Vote.

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    What can I do with these coins?

    Was kann ich mit den Coins anstellen?

    Du Coins kannst du jeweis mit einem Umtauschkurs von 5:1 zu Loyality Coins umtauschen. Besuche dazu einfach unseren Coin Exchanger direkt neben der Loyality Coin Exchanger Dame im Prontera Inn.

    Du hast mit den Loyality Coins Zugriff aus ausgewählten Items in unserem Loyality Coin Shop.

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