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Thread: 2017-07-14 - Floating Rates Event, RNG 14.07-21.07.2017

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    Kokobeatslores [GM]

    2017-07-14 - Floating Rates Event, RNG 14.07-21.07.2017

    Hey, how's it going ladies and gents?

    As promised in our post regarding the rollback from Monday 11.07.2017, we are trying our best to somewhat compensate your precious lost time.

    That's why we wanna play with RNG!

    What does that mean?

    Floating Rates

    Nightfire activated Floating Rates.
    That means the rates will change random, daily at 00:00 AM between 3x-7x rates.
    At least one time guarenteed during the weekend it will be set to 7x.

    "Shake The Snail..."
    In Prontera at the fountain you can "Shake the Snail" once a day. Shake the Snail and try your luck!
    Keep it or shake it?
    You can decide if you want to keep the item or believe in the RNG Goddess!

    Loyality Coins, Bubblegum, Boxes and much more are waiting for you!

    But what's coming next is another story. Outrageous one could say.

    And does anybody know what's up with that Poppy everybody is talking about?!?

    The event is from 14.07-21.07.2017

    Yours sincerely,

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