Hey everyone,

On Monday we had to face the issues of Bug Abuse from several players, which allowed them to exploit Item/Zeny duping.

To explain the exact situation:

Zeny Dupe:

Due to a missing security query in the character transfer, it was possible to give a Merchant (for example) 10mio Zeny, go to the Reset Girl Lili and transer the Merchant to a different Account. Before closing the last text dialog, the character was already transferred from serverside, giving the chance to put the 10mio on the bank of the first Account. After that the Merchant was logged onto the transferred Account and the Zeny got duped. The banking system does not show Zeny ranking, so it took a few days for the GM team to find it out.

Item Dupe

Using the same missing security query, it was possible to put Items into a Cart and transfer the character to a different Account. Before closing the last text dialog, the character was logged onto the new Account, the Items were took out of the Cart. After closing the text dialog, the character once again was logged on the new Account with the same amount of Items in the Cart.

Character Transfer is deactivated for the time being.

What is going to happen?

The offenders have been banned but to show some humanity, we won't point out who it was. We know how much it hurts, but the server has been rolled back to 02.07.2017. This affects the databanks from Zeny/ Storage/ Items/ Bank/ Cart. All excessive amount of Zeny have been deleted. This does NOT affect your characters and acheived experience level. We know that this is painful for many using the same PC, Account and newer players trying to farm up. I hope that the community will stand united and find a way to overcome this challenge.

We are constantly working to provide you with a safe and friendly environment which is community-driven. To compensate the loss we have some plans for you, I will explain more in the next post.
Don't forget that you're the reason why we are here and were thankful for every moment that you spend with us.

Yours sincerely,