BG System Changes

- BG Mods reduced to 3 CTF/ Eye of Storm/ Triple Inferno
- Eye of Storm Kill Amount reduced from 99 to 50
- #battleground channel got added where all BG related msgs will appeare.

ETC Changes

- Storage size increased to 800 from 600
- Gilden Storage increased to 800 from 600
- @settings got modifed with @leavebattleground
- Abra Skill got 10 new MVPs added ( what kind of MVPs and % are secret for the moment)
- Endless Tower Cooldown reduced to 6 days
- Poring Event NPC location got changed to not stack with the Event Manager
- Monster HP Bar color changes got removed

Bug Fixes

- Maximize Power SP reg are now working
- Fixed some item Trade restriction for some items ( only for Sell to NPC)